Small Car Repairs That Should Never Be Ignored

Certain repairs that your car needs may be easy to ignore, as they may not interfere with your car being able to start and run. However, there are some repairs that may seem minor but which you should have taken care of as soon as possible, as they can quickly get worse and put you and other drivers in danger. Note a few small repairs that should never be ignored when it comes to your car.

1. Soft tyres or tyres with bulges

A soft tyre, meaning one that keeps losing air, should not be ignored. If the leak is caused by a slight tear or hole in the rubber, it may be patched somewhat easily by a tyre repair shop. However, if you keep driving on the tyre you could easily make the tear or hole worse so that it cannot be patched and you need to replace the tyre instead, which is much more expensive.

Depending on the reason for the leak, your car's tyre could also go completely flat while you're on the road. Brakes cannot grip a flat tyre and it's difficult to steer one as well, so you may put yourself and other drivers at risk.

A bulge in a tyre should also be fixed or the tyre replaced as soon as possible, as a bulge means that a patch of rubber has gotten soft and an air pocket has formed. This soft area of rubber can put the tyre at risk of a blowout, and this is very dangerous. Parts of the tyre can hit another vehicle and cause damage, and it can be difficult to control your car when a tyre has blown out.

2. Any problems with brakes

If your brakes continue to grip even after you release the brake pedal, this can indicate a problem with the calipers, which are small clips that squeeze the brakes pads against the rotors of the tyres. If the calipers don't release properly, the brakes stay applied even after you let go of the pedal. If the calipers fail, your brakes can fail as well. Brakes that are soft, meaning they don't grip at all, can mean your car is leaking brake fluid, and it can easily leak out completely while on the road. In turn, your brakes may fail.

No matter the problems with your car's brakes, don't ignore it even if the problem seems minor. Failing brakes can put you and other drivers in danger very easily while you're on the road. For more information, visit a specialist like Masons Budget Tyres.

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