3 Car Tyre Maintenance Tips

The performance of your car tyres depends on several factors, such as how well they have been inflated. It is therefore very important for you to develop a routine that ensures that the tyres on your car always have the right volume of air in them and that they are in good condition. This article discusses some tips that you can include in your tyre-check routine.

Never Use the Pressure Rating on the Tyre Sidewall

Some car owners think that the psi (pound per square inch) rating on the sidewall of the tyre is the appropriate pressure to maintain. This may be wrong because that rating indicates the maximum pressure that those tyres can take. It is therefore risky to drive your car when the tyres are inflated to the highest level. This is because the air inside those tyres expands as you drive. Thus, the pressure may become so high that the tyres burst. Check the car manual for the safe tyre-pressure range indicated by the manufacturer. Your mechanic can also help you to determine the right pressure that you should maintain in the tyres.

Always Check the Spare First

Many car owners forget to check the pressure in the spare tyre because they think that the pressure in that tyre does not vary like the pressure in the tyres that are currently in use. This mentality can lead such motorists to be stuck when they realise that the tyre they thought they would use to replace a damaged one is also flat. Check the inflation of the spare tyre first so that you do not forget it in your rush to leave home.

Pay Attention to the Dust Caps

Dust caps are placed on the stems of the tyre valves in order to prevent dust and moisture from getting into the tyre. You need to check the integrity of those dust caps regularly. Pour some water on the caps and watch what happens. If bubbles emerge, those caps are leaking and your tyres may not last for long. This is because water may be getting in and causing the rubber to deteriorate. You can be sure that the caps are doing their work if no bubbles form when you pour water on them. Replace all defective dust caps.

You will be less likely to experience problems related to tyre inflation if you keep the tips above in mind as you check the inflation of your car tyres on a daily basis.

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