Car Maintenance Tips Every New Driver Should Know

If you are a new driver, it is important that you keep up with car maintenance and inspections. By doing so, you allow your car to last longer before needing repairs and help to avoid major disasters occurring while on the road. Here are some of the more basic maintenance tasks to be sure you do.

Inspect the Tyres Regularly

For new drivers, tyres are often overlooked until suddenly you are skidding on wet ground due to lack of tread or when you blow out a tyre while on the highway. It is important that you check your tyres on a regular basis, which is only takes a few minutes. Pay attention to the tread depth, looking for signs that it is starting to get shallower. When the tread is too low, there is less traction on the roads, which makes skidding and sliding more likely. You also want to check the tyre pressure, preferably every few times you get gas. As you inspect your tyres, also look to see if the sidewalls of the tyres might have cracks or other signs of damage.

Check the Fluids

The fluids in your car are very important and should not be ignored or overlooked. Be vigilant about checking them often, setting an appointment on your calendar if you need to. Start with the oil, checking that it is at the proper level. This not only ensures you don't have a leak and have sufficient oil, but also lets you see the condition and colour of the oil. If it smells foul or looks like a darker colour, it is probably time for an oil change. Also check the water and coolant levels, transmission fluid, and windshield wiper fluid while you're at it.

Look for Signs of Needing New Brake Pads

Your brakes are also essential and need to be in tip-top shape. Your car might give you a few signs that indicate the brake pads are starting to go and need to be replaced. You definitely want to replace them before your brake rotors start getting affected. Look for signs like brake fluid leaks, squeaking when you step on the brake pedal, and the brake warning light being on. You can check the brakes seeing them through the wheels.

Have Your Car Serviced

Oil changes and tune-ups are important for good condition of a car, no matter its age, make, and model. The owner's manual will give instructions as to how often you should bring it in to be serviced, or you can ask a mechanic when it is best to bring it in. Mark the date on your calendar so you don't forget.

Consult with a car service for more information or assistance.

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