3 Tips For DIY Tyre Replacement

Fitting tyres onto a vehicle is a relatively simple activity. This is why many vehicle owners choose to replace worn-out tyres on their own as opposed to having it done by a professional.

Discussed below are three things to have in mind as you make plans for DIY tyre replacement.

Don't Buy Used Tyres Online

The initial lower cost of used tyres attracts many motorists who are strapped for cash when the need for tyre replacement arises. With used tyres, you only get value for money if you can inspect the condition of the tyres prior to making payments.

Shopping for used tyres online denies you the opportunity to do this because you don't get to examine the actual tyres that will be delivered at your doorstep. The seller might be required to provide photos of the tyres in question. However, there's no guarantee that the tyres in the photos are the tyres that will be delivered.

The online platform will likely provide a money-back guarantee if you don't get the exact tyres that had been advertised. Consider that you might have to ship back the tyres at your expense before you get your money back.

If you have to buy used replacement tyres, do it at a dealer's physical location.

Newer Tyres Go On The Rear Wheels

You're probably aware of the recommendation that all four tyres should be replaced simultaneously. However, the cost of new tyres might force you to replace one set of tyres first and the other set at a later date.

Should this be the case, remember that newer tyres need to be installed on the rear wheels. Improved traction on the rear wheels of an automobile improves stability of the vehicle. It will be more difficult for the car to skid and lose control if the rear wheels have a better grip on the road surface as compared to the front wheels.

If you're to install used tyres on all four wheels, fit the two tyres with the least extent of tread wear on the rear wheels.

Don't Skip Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is an obligation as opposed to a choice after your tyres have been replaced. You shouldn't think to further reduce the cost of tyre replacement by avoiding the cost of wheel alignment and balancing.

Replacing (two or all four) tyres affects the alignment of wheels on your vehicle. Misalignment encourages uneven tread wear on newly installed tyres and you'll likely have to replace the tyres more often. The cost of more frequent (subsequent) replacements is likely to be higher than that of wheel alignment after the first replacement.

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