Tips For Choosing the Best Truck Tyres

If you are in search of new tyres for your truck, it is important that you know how to find the right ones. While you can just get the same ones you had before, there are some instances where it might be time to choose a different brand or type. Here are some tips for choosing the best tyres for your truck.

Pay Attention to the Speed Rating

One thing you should keep the same with your new truck tyres is the speed rating. There is a certain speed rating that is best for each type of vehicle. While going to a lower speed rating could theoretically allow the tread to last longer, you don't want to go too far out of what your truck was meant for. The same can be said for attempting to get performance tyres that offer a higher speed rating than what you are used to. If you're not sure what the rating is for your truck, consult a mechanic or go to a local tyre shop.

Get the Right Size

Since you have a truck, you might have the option of going to a higher size, though you should really talk to a tyre specialist before you do this. Some trucks that are larger and are lifted will be able to handle some bigger tyres. Consider the reason that you want these bigger tyres, since it is going to change how your truck handles when you are driving it. If you tend to do a lot of off-roading, then the bigger tyres can definitely be beneficial. However, if you just like the way they look, you might instead want to stick to the size that is on your vehicle's tyre placard.

Upgrade to All-Season or Winter Tyres

When you are getting new tyres for your truck, it is also a good time to consider the time of year or what the climate is like where you live. If you live somewhere that tends to get a lot of inclement weather, including rain and snow, then all-season tyres might be a good idea. Even if it is currently the spring or summer, you may still get frequent cold and rainy weather conditions, so you should think ahead for this. Winter tyres are good when there is heavy snow and hail where you live and you happen to be upgrading your tyres in the winter. However, you might need to switch the tyres when the winter season is over.

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